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The Saudi pharmaceutical society (SPS) is a non-profit professional organisation founded on 1988 with aim of contributing to the planning and development of the pharmacy profession. 

Pharmacists future starts from here.

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  1. Objectives and Initiatives:

    1. Empower pharmacists through the creation and pursuit of the highest clinical and professional standards.

    2. Explore more emerging opportunities for pharmacists in terms of knowledge, leadership, communication and volunteering.

    3. Expand SPS membership.

    4. Involvement of SPS into the decision making process.

Research and education:

  1. Objectives

    1. Foster an environment for research and educational activities.

    2. Involve more interested people in research.

    3. Find more solid & reliable source of information.

    4. Seeking for advancements in pharmacy research.

    5. Overseeing SPJ roles and responsibilities.

    6. Assist in coordination for conferences, workshops or seminars.


  1. Objectives

    1. Improve public health outcomes through knowledge dissemination among lay people.



  1. Objectives

    1. Create financial stability.


The development, the increased awareness, and the education of medical practitioners of pharmacy and health professions and the wider community.